GL Gent Reviews! The Week of 04/03/13

Good Morning, Afternoon, or Evening (whichever applies)!

GL Gent here! This will be my first written/typed review as we return to the normal format of my friend, DC Gent’s, blog. I am excited to be continuing this blog with my friend and I will try to contain my sarcastic comments and be as professional as possible (TRY…). I have been hearing some good things about some of this week’s comics and am anxious to read them. This week I have chosen to review Swamp Thing #19, Phantom Stranger #7, and Superior Spiderman #7. So without further ado…here are my thoughts on these comics for this week. Oh and if you didn’t know….*Spoiler Alert*……

Swamp Thing #19

Author: Charles Soule

Artist: Kano

Rating: 5/5

With Scott Snyder and Yanick Paquette gone, I am saddened. This quickly became one of my favorite comics and the creative team did extremely well with it during their run, but fear not folks! Charles Soule and Kano have stepped up to the plate and started strong. Soule weaves a wonderful dialogue that really delves the reader into what the Green means to Swamp Thing and how he feels while in communication with it. I feel torn even calling him Swamp Thing because he struggles with his identity now that he is totally made of the Green. I think this creative team actually made Swamp Thing more of a badass than he was. This team really capitalizes on just how powerful Swamp Thing can be through their intense visuals and intense yet sometimes flippant dialogue. I am also happy to see that he is becoming more involved in the larger DC Universe with the inclusion of Scarecrow, who if you read Justice League of America #2, was getting into some interesting evil storylines that will be developing further later. I also think Kano did well in representing Swamp Thing in relation to the environment he was in, such as making him a cactus while in the desert. I believe this creative team is putting a large focus on the Green and Swamp Thing’s interactions with the Green, which I think is one of the most interesting relationships of the DC Universe and that excites me. Overall, this was a great issue and even if you are sad and a little angry that Snyder and Paquette left, don’t let it detract you from this great comic.

Phantom Stranger #7

Authors: Dan Didio (Plot) & J.M. Dematteis (Script)

Artists: Zander Cannon (Layout), Gene Ha (Pencil/Inks), & Andrew Pepoy (Inks)

Rating: 4/5

This comic has been going back and forth for me from the beginning. Some weeks it is great. Some weeks it feels like it is just trying to keep going. This week I feel like it was somewhere in between. This is quite a creative team and I feel that since they have all been together, the comic has been improving. I feel like the Jack Ryder story was a bit of an interruption though the Stranger was doing what his master commands and that is his purpose on this Earth. I felt like it was an abrupt interruption to him looking for his family. The art serves a good purpose in grounding this character. The Stranger seems to be quite a powerful force that is trapped on the human plane. The art seems to ground him in this trapped realism and I believe it adds to his character. I am excited to see what is in store for the future because the last pages give quite the confrontation with The Question. I feel like the Ryder story was a bit of an injection that didn’t really serve to push the story much farther forward but hopefully there will be something later to tie back to this. I will give this comic a 4/5 this week just because I felt like there could have been more here.

Superior Spiderman #7

Author: Dan Slott

Artist: Humberto Ramos

Rating: 4/5

And now, I will give some of my love to Marvel with Superior Spiderman #7. I have been pretty vocal about this if you were tuning into the short run of our podcast, but Spiderman is one of my favorite Marvel heroes. I have been a bit hesitant of Otto hijacking Peter’s body. It seems though that slowly Peter has been making some headway towards getting his body back. This issue made some major leaps in this respect and it made me happy to see this. This issue is the second issue showing the Avengers noticing something is wrong. It is obvious that Otto has messed up and gone crazy town banana pants. He is hurting lesser villains and even a relatively harmless vigilante in the form of Cardiac. He has killed and the Avengers will be having none of that. They call him in and shit goes down. I have been very happy with Ramos’ depiction of Spidey and the art has been very solid and compelling. He has been doing a great job on this series. This issue has made some pretty decent developments and has set up for a huge confrontation in the next issue. We will have to wait until next time to see how it plays out.


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