GL Gent Reviews! The Week of 04/17/13

Let’s hear it everybody because GL Gent is here again! How has everyone been? Good? Great? Wonderful? Glad to hear it. Well, this week since my colleague, DC Gent, took great pleasure in stealing the review of Red Hood and the Oulaws from me, I have chosen to review Justice League #19, Justice League of America’s Vibe #3, and Nova #3. I also feel like I have been giving out way too many 5/5 so I am going to start being a bit harsh in my judgments. Enjoy and feel free to comment. Do I really need to say *SPOILERS*?




Cover of Justice League #19


Justice League #19

Author: Geoff Johns

Penciller: Ivan Reis

Inkers: Joe Prado, Oclair Albert, and Johnathan Glapion


Shazam! Chapter #11

Author: Geoff Johns

Artist: Gary Frank

Rating: 4.7/5


So, Batman is losing it if that wasn’t obvious already. Now, I may be wrong in assuming the assailant that broke into the Batcave, took out Alfred and Red Hood, got passed the security features including a retinal scan, and stole the contingency measure for Superman was Batman but I digress. The art team has done wonders for this issue and I have always enjoyed the art of this comic. Amazing doesn’t even touch upon how well the art was put together. This issue has provided quite a few insights for me that proved interesting. We all know that Batman has a plan for any of the Justice League in case they go out of line, or at least you would if you had seen the animated movie Doom. With the addition of these new members, I couldn’t help but think: Does Batman have a plan for every hero or just the ones in the Justice League? This makes the Atom, Firestorm, and Element Woman’s roles extremely important if he doesn’t. By the way, I couldn’t help but notice a lack of Element Woman. I also think the Atom is proving to be a fun character with her online conquests, but is she going to stay that size all the time? Anyway, this issue provided for some big reveals for the team and the implications of their actions. Will Superman and Wonder Woman’s relationship last? Will Batman allow it to continue? Should the Justice League violate the boundaries of sovereign nations just to fight for peace and justice? You could always play Injustice: Gods Among Us for the answer to that question. Johns is really moving forward with the conflict these heroes must face if they are going to work together. He does well to reveal how some of the members feel about their actions.


Finally, for this issue, we have the Shazam! chapter 11 back up. Alright, Johns really makes this hero into someone easily relatable. I have a general knowledge of Shazam and his power set and Johns has brought this hero that has always been near the background of the DC Universe for me to the forefront. Johns has introduced me to new concepts and story that have been exceptional and he has done so in the skillful way that he adds to his comics. I have to say that because Billy Batson is a child, it really puts a hindrance on the abilities he has been given. He doesn’t think about his actions and puts the ones he loves in danger. He doesn’t realize just how dangerous Black Adam is. He didn’t listen to Francesca when she was trying to help him. He is going to have problems if he doesn’t realize what he is doing and soon. This has been a great issue and I believe it deserves the rating I have given it.




Cover of Justice League of America’s Vibe #3


Justice League of America’s Vibe #3

Author: Sterling Gates

Pencillers: Pete Woods and Fabiano Neves

Inkers: Sean Parsons and Fabiano Neves

Rating: 3.9/5


ARGUS is really starting to piss me off. This issue focuses around one of the main reasons Vibe was recruited into the JLA. He is the answer to ARGUS’s “problem” of The Flash being what has been alluded to as one of the most powerful metahumans to be born. I am glad that Cisco is starting to become curious about this governmental agency’s agenda seeing as they have been lying to him every chance they’ve been able. I really wish people would stop underestimating him though including himself. I understand self doubt but if the creative team creates this as a staple of his personality, I might start become depressed reading his stories. He is an interesting character but I want more. It was interesting to pit him against Kid Flash and see small parts of Kid Flash’s past. I wonder if they will be answering the question of who that surprise cliffhanger character at the end of the issue was soon. That gave me a decent surprise. This was a good issue but there weren’t many wow factors. I think the creative team is pretty stable with art, dialogue, and story but they need to bring it a little more to impress me.



Cover of Nova #3


Nova #3

Author: Jeph Loeb

Penciller: Ed McGuinness

Inker: Dexter Vines

Colorist: Marte Garcia

Rating: 4.8/5


So Nova is a completely new character for me. The most interaction I have had with this character is “oh look at that page in the Marvel Encyclopedia, it says…..Nova…” Sam is a young man whose father, Jesse, was in the Nova Corps and, from what I gather, one of the best. Problem is Jesse has disappeared after being a less than stellar father to Sam and his sister. Jesse trusted Rocket Raccoon and Gamora to give Sam his Nova helmet so Sam could come to the aid of Earth. After putting on the helmet, Sam is given a message from his father confirming that all the stories he told them were true and away to the moon Sam goes. He meets the Watcher who gives him a message of a giant space armada heading to Earth. Upon his return, he runs into the two Guardians of the Galaxy. They begrudgingly take it upon themselves to train Sam to face the dreaded Chitauri. This creative team is putting this kid through all kinds of hell already. I feel bad for the kid. This comic has been fast paced and a fun read. As always, it has a trademark of wit and sarcasm that I have come to expect from Marvel works. The art has been one of the best examples of art the Marvel staff has in my opinion. It has been near the level of Mark Bagley good. I have enjoyed reading this comic and I recommend picking it up. I can’t wait to see what storylines will come up later.


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