The Comic Gents Podcast Episode #002: It’s Always the Joker’s Fault

We’re back again, and with saltier language due to technical difficulty-induced frustrations! Hear us discuss Batman #18, Batman and Robin #18, Threshold #3, Age of Ultron #2 and more. And as always, the latest news and rumors that you may or may not care about!

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The Comic Gents Podcast Episode #001: The Origin Story

Ever want to hear two non-professionals discuss their favorite hobby semi-coherently? Then you’ve come to the right place! Listen to us, Ryan (@dc_gent) and Chase (@GL_Gent92), discuss the latest comic book news and rumors, and of course the latest comic book releases. Don’t forget to leave us feedback below in the comments or on either of our respective Twitter feeds. And if you have any questions you want our “expert opinions” to answer on next weeks episode, ask in those places as well!

Disclaimer: This is a spoiler podcast, so you have been warned!
Disclaimer II: Consider this the “Explicit Box” on iTunes. Cursing is present, but not excessive.

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– DC Gent